A district doctor — топик по английскому языку

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The working day of a district doctor begins at 8 o’clock in the morning at the polyclinic, where he sees about ten and sometimes even 15 out – patients during his consulting hours. In addition to his consulting hours at the policlinic a
local physicians goes out to the calls to examine those patients who are seriously ill and whose condition is bad. Such sick ‘persons receive a sick – leave. They usually follow a bed regimen.
Any physician of the polyclinic knows his patients very well because treats only a definite number of patients. At the local polyclinic every patient has a persona patient’s card which is filled in by his physician. Everything about the patient- the diagnosis of the disease, the administrations made by the doctor, the course of disease, the changes in the patient’s condition after the treatment u written down in the card.
If it is necessary a nurse will come to the patient’s house to give him administered injections or carry out any of the doctor’s administration.

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