The work of an in-patient department — топик по английскому языку

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When patients are admitted to the hospital first of all they are received by a nurse on duty at the reception ward.
Those patients who are to be hospitalized have already received the direction from the polyclinic. The nurse on duty fills in patients’ case histories in which she writes down their names, age, place of work, occupation, address and the initial diagnosis made by a doctor at the polyclinic.
Then a doctor on duty examines the hospitalized patients and gives his instruction what department and wards the patients are to be admitted.
At the in-patient department of a hospital life begins early in the morning. The nurses on duty take patients temperature, give them intramuscular and intravenous injections, take stomach juice for analysis, apply cups and give all the prescribed remedies in the doses indicated by the ward doctors.
The nurses keep all the drugs with special labels: the names of drugs are indicated on them. Patients are. not allowed to take the medicines themselves because some drugs are poisonous, the overdosage of some other drugs may cause unfavourable reactions and even death.
At about nine o’clock in the morning the doctors begin the daily rounds of the wards during which they examine all the patients. After the medical examination the doctors administer the patients different procedures: electrocardiograms are taken, laboratory analyses of blood, urine and gastric juice are made. Some patients are administered a bed regimen, others are allowed to walk; some are to follow a diet to relieve stomachache or prevent unfavourable results in case of stomach troubles. All the doctors always treat the patients with great attention and care. There is no doubt that such a hearty attitude of the doctors to the patients helps much in their recovery.

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