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On receiving a prescription from a doctor we need medicines which are usially ordered or bought at the a chemist’s.
There are two departments in a large chemist’s: the chemist’s department and the prescrition department. At the chemist’s department one can have the medicine immediately, other drugs have to be ordered at the prescription department.
At the chemist’s all drugs are kept in drug cabinets. Every small bottle, a tube or a box of medicine has a label on it. There are labels of three colors. White labels indicate drugs for internal use yellow ones indicate drugs for external use and blue ones indicate drugs injections. The dose to be taken and directions for administration are also indicated on a label. Indicating the dose and the name of any medicine is necessary for chemist, nurses, doctors and patients themselves. It prevents confusing different remedies because some of them are poisonous. Their overdosage may couse unfavorable reactions.
At a chemist’s one can by different drugs for intramuscular and intravenous injections, for oral administration and for external use. One can also buy tubes of ointments, sedatives, tonics, sleeping, draughts, laxatives, medicine droppers, mustard plasters, hot-water bottles and many other things.
One must be careful using medicine.

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