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My patient’s name is Kazakov. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Two days before the admission he had a severe pain in the heart and substernal area. The pain radiated to the left arm and shoulder. The patient was pale and his lips were cyanotic. He suffered from breathlessness. The pain and breathlessness increased on the slightest physical exertion. The doctor examined him thoroughly and determined that the borders of the heart were dilated. The heart sounds were dull; the pulse was irregular at times. It was necessary to take the electrocardiogram and to make the analyses of blood and urine.

The laboratory findings confirmed the initial diagnosis of angina pectoris. The doctor administered the patient a proper treatment of injections and mixtures, and he advised him to stay in bed.

Due to the proper treatment the patient’s condition became better. The pain in the heart decreased, breathlessness and weakness subsided, the heart sounds became clearer. Shortly after the treatment the patient was discharged from the hospital.

Good bedside manners are of great importance in dealing with patients and there is no doubt that a kind attitude helps in their quick recovery.

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