Medical Education in Great Britain

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Physicians in Great Britain are trained either in medical schools or faculties of Universities. To enter a high medical school candidates must pass entrance examinations on chemistry, physics and biology or mathematics. In Great Britain all students pay for training, but most of them receive grants, which cover their expenses or a part of them.

In Great Britain the academic year is divided into three terms. Each term lasts for 10-11 weeks. The terms run from October to December, from January to March and from April to June. At the end of each term students take final exams (sessionals).

In Great Britain the undergraduate education takes 5 years (two years of basic sciences and three years of clinical work). During the first two pre-clinical years students study human anatomy and biology, physics, organic and biological chemistry, physiology and histology, statistics and genetics. They attend lectures and do practical work in labs.

From the third year the students .study the methods of-eimical examinations and history taking, general pathology, microbiology, pharmacology and community medicine, therapy, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology and others. Senior students have a lot of practical work with patients in clinics, hospitals and out-patient departments. After the three years of clinical practice the students obtain degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. These degrees give the right to register as a medical practitioner.

After the finals graduates work in hospitals for a year. This period is called internship. After this period a young doctor obtains a «Certificate of Experience» and he or she may work as a medical practitioner.

In Great Britain only medical practitioners may obtain further specialization, training in residency. It takes lor 2 years of working in a hospital in some field. Residency trains highly qualified specialists in a definite field: gynaecologists, urologists, neurologists and others.

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