Our district doctor

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Our district polyclinic is the polyclinic number 2 in Pushkin Street. Therapeutists, neurologists, oculists, psychiatrists, urologists, surgeons and other specialists work at the polyclinic. There are many laboratories, X-ray rooms, procedure rooms, consulting and waiting rooms there.

Our district doctor is Dr. Ivanov. He is a very experienced doctor. His working day is divided into two periods. During the first period he sees his patients at the polyclinic and during the second one he goes out to the calls to examine the patients who are seriously ill.

During the medical examination our district doctor asks his patients what they complain of, listens to the patients’ lungs and heart, takes their temperature and blood pressure, palpates the abdomen. Then he fills in patients’ cards. The laboratory findings (blood analysis, urinalysis and other tests) help tamake a correct diagnosis and to administer a proper treatment. If a patient has a cold or a sore throat and is running a high temperature, the doctor asks him Jo stay in bed and prescribes special medicines.

Our district doctor treats not only with the help of special diets, injections, powders and mixtures, but he also uses a good bedside manner.

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