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Chemist’s shops are specialized shops where medicines are sold. At the chemist’s there are two departments: a prescription department and a chemist’s department. At the prescription department medicines are sold or made up according to prescriptions. At the chemist’s department one can buy medicines without prescriptions.

At the chemist’s all medicines are kept in drug cabinets, on the open shelves and in the refrigerator. Every small bottle, a tube or a box has a label with the name of the medicine. There are labels of four colours: green labels indicate medicines for internal use; blue labels indicate drugs for injections, labels of a yellow colour indicate drugs for external application and labels of a pink colour indicate drugs for the treatment of eye diseases. The single dose and the total dosage are indicated on the label.

At the chemist’s one can buy different drugs for intramuscular and intravenous injections, tubes of ointments, different pills and tablets for internal use, tonics and sedatives; drugs for cough and headache; cardiac medicines; herbs and things for medical care (hot-water bottles, medicine droppers, cups, thermometers) and many other things.

One must be careful using medicine.

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