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There are many polyclinics in our country. Doctors of different specialities: therapeutists, neurologists, surgeons, dentists, oculists, psychiatrists, urologists and nurses wore there. There are many different laboratories, x-ray and procedure rooms, consulting and waiting rooms in our polyclinics.

When a patient comes to the polyclinics he goes to the registry first. A registering clerk on duty asks his name, address, age, occupation and writes it down in the patient’s card.

Doctors examine their patients in their consulting rooms. During the medical examination doctors question their patients thoroughly, listen to their heart and lungs, feel their pulse and take their blood pressure, palpate, auscultate and percuss them, make the diagnosis, fill in their cards and prescribe them a special treatment.

During the physical examination doctors use such methods asjpalpation, percussion, auscultation, questioning a patient, feeling his pulse, taking electrocardiograms, etc.

At the end of the physical examination doctors make a diagnosis, prescribe the necessary medicine and treatment if it is necessary.

Our doctors treat patients not only with the help of different mixtures, powders, injections, but they always use a good bedside manner and deal with patients very carefully.

The duty of the doctor is to treat a patient not only with different remedies but with a
kind word and hearty attitude.

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