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I am a student of the BashkirStateMedicalUniversity. I’d like to tell you some from the history of our University. It was founded in 1932 and had one faculty – the medical one. In 1995 it was reorganized into the University. Now there are five faculties at the University: medical, pediatric, stomatologic, pharmaceutical, nursing. Besides, there are two other special faculties: the faculty for training research workers and medical educators and the faculty for advanced training of doctors and provisors. There is also a preparatory department for foreign students.

There is a six-year course of training for medical and pediatric students and a five-year course at the other faculties. Over five thousand students study at all these faculties and there are about sixty departments in various theoretical and clinical specialties. The curriculum contains all the basic and practical subjects that are necessary for the training of highly skilled specialists.

The undergraduates have practice at all the clinics of the University. The students have all the facilities to carry on their research work under the supervision of their teachers. The students’ scientific society plays an important role in the training of young specialists.

The students of our university have various facilities for sports and recreation, students from other towns and regions are given hostel accommodations. A great number of former students have become outstanding scientists.

The work of our doctors is valuable and helpful for people. Every day they fight for people’s life and serve them rendering necessary medical aid.

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