Children’s polyclinic

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There is a wide network of medical institutions in Russia to protect the health of our children. One of them is the children’s polyclinic. The children’s polyclinics provide free medical treatment and prophylactic measures for children. These services are provided for children from the day of their birth till the day of finishing the secondary school.

The children’s polyclinics function in every inhabited area all over the country. Every polyclinic serves a definite area called a district. Any pediatrician of the polyclinic treats only a definite number of patients. That is why he knows his patients very well. At the local polyclinic every patient has a personal patient’s card filled in by his pediatrician. Everything about the patient – the diagnosis of the disease, the changes in the patient’s condition after treatment, the administrations made by the doctor, the course of the disease – is written down in the card.

Except the registry where the patient’s cards are kept every modern polyclinic has a number of departments or consulting rooms where doctors see their patients. In every children’s polyclinic you can find specialists in therapeutics, surgery, ophthalmology, neurology, stomatology, infectious diseases, etc. Besides, every modern polyclinic has its X-ray room, physiotherapeutical room, procedure room and therapeutical physical training rooms.

The main purposes of the children’s polyclinics are prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases.

The children’s polyclinics devote special attention to systematic medical examination of children. Constant medical observation of children gives fine results. The children’s polyclinics play an important role in the system of health services for children.

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