District Pediatrician

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If a child falls ill, his parents ring up the district children’s polyclinic and call in a district doctor. When the child’s condition isn’t very poor and he has no temperature, the parents take him to the district polyclinic. The district doctor examines him there.

The working day of a district pediatrician begins at 8 o’clock in the morning at the polyclinic. He sees about ten or sometimes even fifteen outpatients during his consulting hours.

It is very difficult for pediatrician to make diagnosis, because the children can not explain what troubles them. The children express their illness with cry, loss of appetite, loss of weight.

A physician listens to the patient’s heart, lungs, does auscultation, laboratory studies, urinary analysis, blood, sputum analysis, taking electrocardiogram, X-ray examinations.

The laboratory findings help a district pediatrician to make a correct diagnosis and administer the treatment. The knowledge of symptoms is very important for determining a disease (breathlessness, edema, cough, vomiting, fever, hemorrhage, etc.)

In addition to his consulting hours at polyclinic district pediatrician goes out to the calls to examine those patients who are seriously ill. Before examining the patient at home, doctor washes his hands, puts on his gown and only then examines the child.

The pediatrician must deal with every case carefully and attentively. In some cases doctors words act better than any medicine.

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