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with Xiao Yan jump from birds back,, Xiao Yan eyes Yipiao, in front of the two extremely majestic crimson huge mountain, which closely rely on two huge mountain, from the foot of a winding staircase and climb around on. ‘
Xiao Yan’s eyes stopped at the staircase not far ahead, and soon the eyes of the passing touch of surprise, where the space between exudes a faint amazing spatial fluctuations, apparently later is amazing.
‘Oh, rock owl little friends, come with me.’ red fire elders smiled and immediately take the lead in the soil stone stairs, then, Xiao Yan followed on, eyes slowly swept around slightly mind alert.
After a moment, the two men in the footsteps stopped at the end of that staircase, and come here, Xiao Yan had just noticed, there actually have this piece of space barrier,Cheap Retro Air Jordan, palm gently on the space barrier by the press, an Amazing rebound storm suddenly poured forth, will catapult fiercely Xiao Yan palm open. ‘Good strong space barrier. Shook hands, Xiao Yan eyes flashed a touch of surprise,cheap jordan shoes, said.’ Oh,, this space,Coach Factory Outlet, but I have the magic barrier Yan Gu Gu Zhu will personally shot Chronicles reinforcement, strong enough to withstand a bucket respect attacks were unusual bucket, but it is impossible to break the red fire elders laughed.
‘enough to fight against the strong attack of the space barrier respect?’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan also could not resist the tongue like a cry, indeed 焚炎 Valley, this and other heritage, indeed far from unusual forces comparable.
red fire elders chuckled, took out a red card works from Namibia to quit, and then press the space on that barrier, and a strange fluctuations spread open, and saw that the space was a barrier, automatic slowly one by one split open
‘rock owl little friends, please!’ red fire elders front of Xiao

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