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a shrill screams, but just screams fall is a silver figure appear directly above its head, punch, without any kind of bombardment over its huge eye! ‘Howl!’
voice sounded muffled, the sky above, burst blood spilled,Coach Factory Outlet, as if it began like a shower of blood, and in this and other heavy blow,Coach Factory Outlet, even days scorpion Drake, also planted a head fall down from the sky, and then the heavy fell on the ground, suddenly, the mountains shake! 1053rd chapter kill! As the day scorpion Drake
huge body crashing down, the whole piece of land at the moment seem to be violent shaking up, like an earthquake, crack a Road stout arm continued to spread since their falling out of place. & quot;
body will land punched a huge pit, upload eye pain, so that was day scorpion Drake constantly audible roar of pain, like a brook like blood from a ruptured eyes overflow into and out previously demon puppet that punch,Coach Outlet Store, be giving it some real bitterness eat.
‘bastard, you want to cut to the king on set pieces!’
tender Scorpion Drake Nuxiao sky, being full of sound and fury with matchless intention to kill,Coach Outlet Store, since it into human form, said today that it is probably the most awkward time.
roar down, day scorpion Drake ferocious fierce giant mouth open, rich color energy rapidly gather, just a moment of time, it starts Unending potatoes is turned into a bloody half a foot wide beam, the beam contains within it the Terror energy waves directly is volatility has made it around the space is thrown.
toss hideous giant,Coach Outlet Online, bloody road beam of light that is the laugh is heard across the sky,Coach Outlet, like a touch of lightning, facing the storm swept away over the horizon.
careful & quot!;
see that bloody light beam shot, the day of the fire Venerable face is dignified passing touch, this day has been going

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