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be fully Xiaoxiao borrowed words, Xiao Xiao was born, they were able to have a strong fighting force. ‘softly colored scales.
Wen Yan,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan brow is a Young, colorful python swallowing day, but the peak of Warcraft snake-like existence, in ancient time, some powerful colorful python swallowing day, enough to challenge the ancient days of snakes, such as the blood of this Serpentine Warcraft, even Harengula Pitt spent three snakes pupil is unable to control, but, colorful python swallowing day peak period,Coach Outlet Store, but also strong enough to rival St. tumble, that is to say, in the future on its own strength Xiaoxiao also be able to overlay a python swallowing day of color strength, one person, one snake together, that power, but quite scary.
‘But though colorful python swallowing day unlimited potential, but that is borrowed strength, my daughter, can not bareOthers rely on the force — …… ‘
Xiao Yan smiled, eyes with a touch of fiery: ‘Now is the constitution of the most soft plastic Xiaoxiao time, although I can not Destructive Enthusiasm,Coach Outlet Store Online, but they can give her a perfect practicing bar — ……’
Xiaoxiao, must be perfect,Coach Outlet, because she was the daughter of Xiao Yan! 1360th first three chapters malignant tumor [more]
1360th chapters malignant tumor Xiao Xiao Xiao Yan looked to see when the eyes of the hot, glamorous color scales on the side of the boat also surfaced Xu some soft cheek, she will Xiaoxiao very seriously, even more than her life important, and Xiao Yan Xiao Xiao can really be good,Coach Outlet Online, in her mind, is the most important thing.
‘Xiaoxiao condition now is very good, then you have to send back to the’ days of soul blood bone Dan,Coach Outlet Store Online, ‘so that was when she still has not been born, that is a good physical shape for the’ color scales smile, When brought the matter, she

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