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Chen eyes passing touch is hideous color pernicious, slaps a ground plane, a Leiguang stab in the back, since its sleeve Pushe, direct after Xiao Yan vest.
sudden turn of events, a sudden loud uproar was scared for no reason, immediately scolded na is up, bypassing Hong Chen Xiao Yan’s life, who actually dare line of this despicable act honorably … ‘laugh!’
Leiguang stab at a road aghast eyes, accurately hit the vest after Xiao Yan, and direct life and penetration, but,Coach Outlet Online, but did not bring up the slightest traces of blood, but so too is that figure, gradually blurred. ‘Blur?’
see this scene,Cheap Coach, he felt aghast Hung Chen mind, hurried back,Coach Outlet Store Online, but the pace has just quit, the body is suddenly solidified because a hand, I do not know when, already in position by gently thereafter vest. ‘Stop!’
see that suddenly appeared on behind Hung Chen Xiao Yan Hung family seat, suddenly heard the roar of a road, and soon that Huiyi old man physique of a move,Coach Outlet Store Online, that is, into a blur blurred figure, facing the field and Baoshe go.
‘this life is your own to send, Yuanbuderen.’
gentle voice, pass into Hung Chen ears, chill wave of fear, spread out from their hearts, not words shouted to him for mercy, vest at that post, is severely impulsive spit. ‘Puchi!’
a blood Kuangpen out, while Hung Chen’s body, it is soft and slowly fall, and finally pitched falls to the ground.
impulsive spit, Xiao Yan is almost at the same time kick嚜� The body behind Hung Chen kicked that a shot to the winds.
storm swept from the Huiyi old man, Gang Yu shot,Coach Factory Outlet, is seen in front of his shot to the Hong Chen, the moment Xiupao wave, chewy becomes weak, the one to catch,Coach Outlet Store, and hurried visits, immediately face is suddenly ghastly up, which Hung Chen indeed there is a trace of atmosphere remaining, but the body’s meridians, but

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