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what has made it his anger Hong Lie hand came up, nuji anti-laugh. ‘Come with me …’ and shook his head, Xiao Yan Tian no longer ignore these two noise of two, tilted his head, facing the Han Xue, who softly.
heard, Xue Han hesitated, and then froze in his room, in front of Xiao Yan, but it is already a marching pace, slowly forward.
looked dressed in ordinary clothes of linen slim silhouette, Han Xue suddenly felt a sense of confidence and security have emerged from the mind, immediately silver Yayi Yao,Tiffany Outlet Online, waved his hand, light shouted: ‘to keep up!
convoy moving slowly, then in a strange atmosphere, unhurried behind with Xiao Yan,Tiffany Outlet, the team and everyone around that Han Xue, palms are all some of sweat appear faint promise,Tiffany Outlet, and now they only have can sustenance, that is in front of a slim silhouette. ‘
Hung wood slowly looked gloomy face line to Xiao Yan Han and his team behind, between faint hearts have intended to kill flip, the exact strength of Xiao Yan, he was a bit hard to see, but he was repulsed from the previous flood That intense first-hand view, should presumably also a strong imperial struggle, and grades may not weaker than them. Compared with Hong
gloomy wood, that temper a little bit grumpy 洪烈 ugly face was abnormal,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, Xiao Yan of such acts, is almost completely put them in the eyes, so proud of the young man, comes in really They see so many years for the first time.
clenched fist slowly, constantly heard crunching sounds, after a moment, his eyes finally flashed a ferocious, shouted: ‘! Kill’ He Sheng Hong Lie
hear that shadow behind many people, suddenly shouted roar,Tiffany & Co Outlet, gripping their weapons immediately,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, with a wave of murderous intractable rich, facing the team rush away.
see each other attack, Han Chong, who face is excited to make a change, the same

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