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cast updates ~~~~ you read a vote, thank you. Wo finished adjourned! 1132nd chapter soul fingerprints
line the hall, Xiao Yan and Cao Ying, who did not have too much conversation, is facing a straight leading to the bottom of the channel to go Danta. ‘Mr. Xiao Yan and so on.’ Xiao Yan has just taken
pace, a sweetly charming in its wake is sounded, so he was taken under the pace only Dayton, tilted his head looking at the Cao Ying goes enchanting touching cheeks,Tiffany And Co Outlet, laughing: ‘ Miss Cao Ying something? ‘ Cao Ying
wavefront flow, stare between charming heavens,Tiffany Outlet, so that was kind of shift does not open the eyes of people impulse, at the moment she is masking tick light laugh: ‘The last time Mr. Xiao Yan did not talk with, and now have the time, why not together talk about? ‘
actually open invitation to hear Cao Ying, Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, eyes implied that swept aside a Song Qing, it really was to see him gently wrinkled brow.
‘Well,Tiffany & Co Outlet, I still have events in the body, in the future if there is a time and then with Miss Cao Ying Liaoba Early
to Danta, Xiao Yan did not want more enemies, especially the kind of thing provoke jealousy or because of some hostility,Tiffany Outlet, therefore smiled and said.
saw Xiao Yan refused his invitation, Cao Ying wavefront circulation is slightly meal, apparently refused such a thing for her, which is quite rare,Tiffany Outlet, but she also unusual characters, the idea of ​​mind did not reveal the slightest on the cheek,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, sweet smiles: ‘It is really a pity …’
‘Eiji, Xiao Yan brother since there are events, it also no longer a difficult one, and Dan will be approaching, immortality refining our last discussion has not been completed yet, as today it will complete it.’ aside Song Qing with laughs.
‘Oh, that does not bother to make the two Xiao Yan, and this might

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