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like quickly moved away, immediately looked at the huge pit suck down a cold lump.
heavy clouds on the sky, in the most tyrannical Wan Road after grazing silver mine, is gradually stopped rolling, then quickly became thin up a dynasty in Cambodia since penetrate clouds out into numerous spots, illuminated within just experienced 丹雷 devastated 焚炎 Valley.
sun poured down, but also the rapid expulsion of the valley dull count them previously so popular that the Mines panic-stricken,Coach Outlet Store, is thus rapidly dissipated away.
see 丹雷 dispersed, the presence of all everyone is relieved, immediately look spontaneously toward a road that huge dark square — the pit, looked at each other, both channels carry so much thunder, do not be in this Finally, under a failure?
‘rock owl little friends,Coach Factory Outlet, okay?’
Tang Zhen also for 丹雷 last outbreak that scared a little,Coach Outlet Online, looked at the bottom of the pit, and then turned to Xiao Yan,
Xiao Yan’s face, still pale as a sheet, he waved his hand,Coach Bags Outlet, laughing quite seem feebly: ‘Don Guzhu ease & quot;.’ After saying that, his fingerprints changed, and soon a muffled voice sounded since the pit, a silver silhouette storm swept into the sky, then fell steadily stone platform.
Xiao Yan’s eyes quickly puppet who bets on the ground in front of the demon,Coach Outlet Store, after this time 丹雷 baptism, the latter on the kind of bright silver body is extraordinarily pure, from afar, like a silver Birds Generally, arouses great attention.
palms on the ground and squeezed the demon puppet body, as if to touch the ice cool metal in general, giving a sense of abnormal tough, but so too Xiao Yan slightly disappointed that he did not seem to land from the current table demon puppet body, see a little gold.
demon puppet divided into three levels, Heaven, Earth,Coach Outlet Online, can be distinguished

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