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came from far to near, and that figure is on trackSeveral flashes between ‘went out around now this piece of the crater, then slowly lowered the speed, all eyes, saw that it was a dark golden armor dressed man, who was a golden eyebrows on the face, hold in mouth touch a touch of fierce and brutal.
‘A dragon army commanding four summer brake?’
see this person ‘black engine slightly surprised a moment,Coach Outlet Store, immediately frowned, palm Qing Hui, between the surrounding mountains, more than a dozen Shanlue figure out,Coach Outlet Store, then stared wary man was called summer brake.
‘black engine? Hey, I did not expect to meet you here again,
summer brake block looked black in front of the engine, but also a slight squint your eyes, do not say nonsense, hands waved its wake is combative figure with many storm swept out ‘implies low Slam boat roar resounded through the sky.
seeing black engine is slightly gloomy looking, gently nodded, followed by a dozen strong eastern Long Island,Coach Outlet Online, is rapidly grazing, then those wearing dark dragon A silhouette interception down.
‘black engine,Coach Outlet Store, obediently to adults who pay out, otherwise you today eastern Long Island, will bloody!’
summer brake laugh, stature flash ‘will black out now at ten meters in front of the engine, four eyes on the TV,Coach Factory Outlet, the spark between Baoshe terror energy, but also quietly filled open.
‘want to get people, you have to see you have not this summer brake and other qualifications »
black engine darkly ‘fist suddenly a grip ‘is a direct blow fiercely blasted space suddenly burst out of a black mark’ Soon this space crack dark road in front of the summer is fast extending brake away.
‘Well,Coach Outlet,’ ‘
see black engine shot ‘That summer brake is Leng Heng, stature did not retreat, but also fierce! coupons blasted with black cracks fiercely that road right

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