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the eyes that is transferred to the wing bone, eyes slightly narrowed, and said: ‘Do you know it?’
horror lasted moment, Wolf King is gradually recovered,Cheap Jordans Outlet, with some promise frightened eyes looked at Xiao Yan, the pace of rapid retreat, although the pile of flesh on the bones of even the wing feathers are alreadyLoss of sight, but the wing bone being implied that special smell, but it is the first time he has made it known that it would be out, because in those days, he had seen a real demon days Phoenix,cheap jordans for sale, that source the soul, from the depths of coercion blood, as his life is indelible memories.
‘from where you are to get this on the day of the Phoenix demon wings?’ Wolf King of eyes keeping a close eye Xiao Yan, Chen Sheng said, from bone-wing point of view,Cheap Jordans, this should be a dead demon days Phoenix, but Phoenix demon days but among the top Warcraft community presence, although the number is not a lot, but every head, all have a very terrible strength, potential horrible, but before dying each day before the demon Huang, all will return within the family altar, outsiders do not get the slightest thing about the Phoenix and demon days, not to mention on the body that day demon Phoenix Phoenix demon wings on the day!
‘This day is part of what Phoenix demon wings of Warcraft,cheap jordans?’ Xiao Yan asked.
‘You actually do not know Huang groaning demon?’ Xiao Yan hear the question, but a king Wolf
stunned,cheap jordan shoes, immediately dismay Road look like that, would like to see a very funny thing is like a flat. ’?? day that had a mysterious demon mummy Phoenix should demon days is this so-called Phoenix bar’
Xiao Yan in the heart muttered a cry, and immediately looked at the smiling Wolf King,jordan shoes for sale, said: ‘will you know Phoenix this day demon thing, told me about. ‘
‘Boy, you count something, so I dare

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