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is slowly closed his eyes, And with their eyes closed, the temperature within the quiet room is slowly rising up.
for the refining, Xiao Yan heart, with no small expectations, although the Spirit of bone cold fire this and other rankings for different fire engulfed three thousand Yan Yan fire him, has nothing dinner,Coach Outlet Online, but Similarly, and also not to be underestimated .qu; most importantly, today’s burning decision, to order is already in advanced level, I do not know if after a fire engulfed the bone Ling cold, can leap Bridging become .qu; day order Gong?
worship invite you brothers and sisters reading a valuable monthly update service, thank you!) 1270th chapter visions of heaven and earth
sandalwood snapped into static filled the air was extremely dry and hot, hot filled and open space is even thrown a promise some twisted,Coach Outlet, looks, giving a dreamlike feeling.
in that quiet room of stone bed,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, a Unit of terror from its body temperature constant diffusion open, faint rooms, with some promise Sen white flame channeling from the whole body pores out, flames Wound, wrapped Xiao Yan whole body. Xiao Yan
complexion, calm waves can not afford silk exhausted, did not detect changes in the whole body, his mind at the moment, has been completely sink in vivo invasion that strange convergence among different fire.
cold fire engulfed refining bone spirit,Coach Outlet Store Online, perhaps because Xiao Yan now has control of three different fire of the reason that the refinery,Coach Outlet Store Online, and did not like his imagination is so difficult,Coach Factory Outlet, violent calcined at three thousand lotus fire Under bone cold fire spirit is faint convergence trend, although this trend is very slow, but it went smoothly, what things difficult to control the mutation did not appear.
At this rate, Ming is not

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