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and finally is awe-inspiring and said: ‘I am here to Mount scorpion scorpion dragon blood swear, you will keep my scorpion Dragon kill, escape a lifetime! ‘
voice down, another day scorpion Drake that a blood-red-eyed, but actually fall off, And then burst open, Unending starting a small potato bar Blood Mountain in a very alarming rate through the space,Coach Outlet Store, and then the lightning got into the body of Xiao Yan. Blood Mountain
this speed very scary,Coach Outlet Online, even Xiao Yan, also could only watch, without the slightest avoid force.
‘scorpion Dragon,Coach Outlet Online, will not let you, you can not escape & quot;.’ yao scorpion Drake pernicious big laughs, great room Double Vision, the outflow of blood two springs, very scary. Xiao Yan looking
chill, fingerprints of a move, that demon puppet body above, suddenly burst into a very bright Yinmang, embodied body strength, and then punched down!
With this boxing out,Coach Outlet, I saw that piece of space too, suddenly crack whom to form a black hole the size of half a foot!
horror punch, mixed with terrible force, the fiercely fell on the day scorpion Drake body head,Coach Outlet, under this and other terrible force, which is that huge head, suddenly bang bang, into numerous flesh and blood, life and burst open! As the day scorpion Drake
head and burst open, and that at a distance of around innumerable herd, suddenly stopped the riots, after a moment, turned out to be a pro direct and scattered, that escape speed, more rapid than to the body. & quot ;
(sorry, it should be called the day scorpion Drake, each type will be easily beaten Scorpio Duron beast,Coach Outlet Online, the future will try to note, though, that does not affect the reading, hope you forgive me. 1054th Zhang hand
in the days scorpion Drake head burst open that Yi Sha, is dealing with a small medical cents strong

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