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condescending looked at the raging storm in the mountains of energy, help light suck cool ‘gas.
‘this old guy, really mad.
Han Xue also be destroyed like the kind of energy below Qiaolian little bit scared pale,Coach Outlet Store, bucket were strong blew, it is not everyone can personally see.
‘bring a ‘bucket’ strong case ‘into just blew up this dead end, the young man called Xiao Yan is also borne ah really is terrible.’ ‘white man slowly looked up,Coach Factory Outlet, looked at the distant horizon of shadowy figure on that road, there are ‘some’ Xu Xi Road.
‘? Is he all right,’ Han Xue also beautiful eyes swept the horizon, but her eyesight is far less than the white man, naturally — Xiao Yan unseen presence.
‘He can have anything,Coach Outlet Store Online, that hand space blockade, Shen Yun is directly pulled him want to strangle the idea of ​​death go.’ White man laugh ‘with’ and shook his head, immediately said: ‘But he killed Shen clouds, wind and thunder Court fear is real and hostility, then fled after the tsunami flood yao go,Coach Factory Outlet, certainly trumpeted to the north wind and thunder Court acting style, they will definitely send strong weisha him. ‘
heard,Coach Outlet Store, not from the Han Xueyu think they clasped hands up, eye lotion worry about the color.
‘Well, girl, do not worry too much, this guy’s not unusual character, rage decisive. .f $ character is not a pro-people, this character, with such a strength,Coach Outlet Store, even in the Plains this Canglongwohu geographical, too, is capable of getting on fast, you want to kill him, I’m afraid it really is very difficult. ‘white man ‘laughing death, discourse. For Xiao Yan Pingjiapogao touches.
Han Xue nodded, hand Lue ‘on the forehead of black hair. Bright eyes looking at the sky, and has a hint of subtle pathos, my sister is right, he is too good, good to very few women are able to keep his point. ‘

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