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can really destroy colored fire against,
‘Xiao Yan, here today, will be buried in the place you fall!’
swallowed in the sea after Xiao Yan Yan, then the sky, the figure of the Holy bone flashed out quiet, dark shouted.
‘Sorry, here today,Coach Outlet Store, I’m going bloodbath’ Xiao Yan looked up, smiled and directed bone Holy quiet, softly, purple space research is disrupted this area of ​​volatility, even if these guys have the hands to summon the soul Yu Chien strong family space, but also can not work.
‘Relying on you this junior?!’ Heard,Coach Outlet Online, bone quiet saint suddenly nuji anti-laugh, so many years, Xiao Yan was the first of his soul of the house say bloodbath person.
‘Of course, I know where you Zuobulezhu …………, Xiao Yan does not bother him,Coach Outlet Store, turning directly to the black giant temple’ faint: ‘who revere the so-called big, do not hiding of the, here today, I Xiao Yan bloodbath set! ‘
» Well, big tone, they must really think you get to fight the holy level,Coach Outlet Store Online, you can do whatever they want, I’m going to kill your soul family, it was the only thing between gestures ‘ Xiao Yan
voice faded ‘deep that giant temple, also heard the sound of a cold Lengheng, immediately self-rich blanket of darkness in which violence Chung out in that blanket of darkness, just like a skeleton like skinny stature old figure, ‘but also with! Shares gloomy atmosphere, slowly out of line!
(sorry, long time no update so late ……,
although the final failure,Coach Outlet Store, but still ultimately a relaxed. Ming, Thank you, brothers and sisters for their support,Coach Outlet, although some regret, but always fight the last time.
now fighting to break, and gradually into the old, perhaps not the original sharp and cutting edge, potatoes need to do the next thing is that it can be under a quiet, quietly take the final days until it’s

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