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does not seem to be very good ah?’
hear this channel sound, even Fung Chi Su Qing children also reversed four eyes, staring at the man who was standing behind Nalan sweet Xiao Yan, Xu some exotic eyes with love — thread.
‘I Come.’ Xiao Yan directed at micro do Nalan sweet smile,Coach Outlet Online, then slowly out, look to that name daylight white man, revealing a hint of a smile on the face of the cold meaning: ‘? Do you think she is better quit.’
when Xiao Yan appear, that the white man is to get some face does not look good together, but in the crowd watching the 7-, they can not back down, only to bite the bullet and sneered: ‘She has not had the strength to reach the virtue of real Here, Should not she abandoned places? ‘
‘There are other people think so?’ Xiao Yan tilted his head, his eyes swept the crowd slowly, softly.
for Xiao Yan was a faint trace of danger attached to breath between the eyes,Coach Outlet, Feng Qing children,Coach Outlet Online, who did not actually say anything, but as for the rest of the two, it is afraid of its collision, the moment is actually no answer.
‘only eight places, but we here there are nine people!’ That white man seeing this,Coach Outlet Online, could not help but Yi Che mouth,Cheap Coach Purses, cold shouted.
Xiao Yan nodded, a pace forward and gently cross, a muffled sound, blur emerged, and its stature,Coach Outlet Online, it was ghostly white man appeared in front.
for Xiao Yan, that the white man is always vigilant, so that Yi Sha thunder sounded, and shoved his face is changed, the body quickly retreat, but its pace has just quit step, a figure that is as tarsal The maggot-like immediately to, wind and thunder-like punch, tearing the air, such as lightning severely bombarded no time on defense white man chest.
mouthful of bright red blood direct spray, white man body inverted out, soon heavy impact on a boulder, gravel

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