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Han Xue Xiao Yan is straight from the side walk, and then into a line of tents.
took was thrown to Han Xue Yuping, Xiao Yan smiled, though this woman is tough, and looks a little cold, but it seems that people are still good, no wonder people here are quite respected for her.
not. & Quot; feeling that wire cooked suffering,Coach Outlet, how was it? Thought here,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan could not help but brow wrinkled up & quot;. He must not know her moments Shuo ah, & quot; (updated to ~ good acid shoulder, anxious to hit hard twice, & quot;
new week, the Brethren, after reading the updates, please cast a vote recommend it, of course, pass better Oh, Oh, very grateful. ) Nine hundred and twentieth Zhang Yao Yi Xia Mang
night, gradually enveloped the desert,Coach Outlet Store Online, on the distant horizon,Coach Outlet, the moon hanging high as silver platter like the touch of cold Yuet Wah, overwhelming pouring down …
desolate desert, few signs of human habitation, and on top of a hill, but it is surprisingly reveals some promise with people who fire and the sound of a ping sound spread, the kind of silence surrounding Senleng are is
watered down a lot.
in camp on a hill, with several large fire in the release of the sky sparks, flames lit up the entire camp is extremely permeability, and next to them the fire, are surrounded by a lot of people
shadow,Coach Outlet Online, holding up jars, a laugh, and then hit hard together, grunt around a burst of applause, a drink and feed.
Xiao Yan is sitting beside the fire, smiling at around these big drink flushed
Han, this atmosphere,Coach Outlet Store Online, he rarely felt. ‘Xiao Yan brother, to, drink a few mouthfuls, under the body warm, cold desert.’ Xiao Yan fiddled with fire when a sudden burst of laughter, immediately in front of him is a wine bag flew over, he stretched forth his hand will be ready for

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