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in front of Xiao Yan Since dare to speak so, and if not intentionally take to get rid of thinking, then that is really very confident of their own strength,Tiffany & Co Outlet, this case,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, he’d very much hope it is the latter. ‘Xiao Yan.’ You. ‘Okay? But two uncle style attributes practice exercises, agility this is his long-term, you so.’ ‘Han month also hesitated, migraine front of Xiao Yan softly.
‘Since you are in front of so many people face pushed me a day,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and if performance was ordinary, and it touches my number was not.’ ‘Xiao Yan smiled, his eyes stopped at Hantian body, said:’ Hantian Please, sir, shot it. ‘
‘Haha, Dude, this proud, just that guy can be compared with Hung Chen, well, since you insist on this, then I will try to see you in ten rounds of how to make and I do not James you did! ‘Han Tian is a laugh, the pace of a step forward, powerful grudge is like a flood of storm surge out from the body, and soon a road winds spin in their whole body shape, roared out of the wind, The dust on the lobby floor give all blown away. \\ {(F \\ {- + ‘& lt; f …… ‘see Hantian pushed vindictive, Han Han Xue month and also hurried retreat, some worry that reminded one ○
Xiao Yan nodded slightly, the body never has Bansi move, clothes in the oncoming wind whistling in flowing, but that of the dark eyes,Tiffany Outlet Online, the moment it is becoming exceedingly bright again.
‘Xiao Yan little brother, you can get small ‘, up,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and my turn nine wind swim step,Tiffany Outlet, but my skills fame, cast out todayCome, I can not blame the big bullying the small. ‘Strong wind spin on Hantian legs cohesion, he Heleyisheng light, immediately suddenly Yiduo feet!’ Laugh! ‘Stamp pace under a sudden wind, and that Hantian stature, but it is instantly disappeared into Feng Xiao.
Xiao Yan shimmering eye Mans next moment, the body suddenly

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