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scene they had ever seen.
white-haired man cold eyes staring at the sky Xiao Yan, the light from the momentum of view, their side does have some fall under the wind,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao et al ∽ soot, while small, but all of them strong thumping long breath, very tough. ‘Huang Xuan elders, the fear can make you old shot.’ ‘
deep breath, eyes suddenly turned white-haired man who never speak from start to finish is black robe old man, Gong Sheng said. ‘Ah,’ ‘
black robe old man gently nodded, eyes looking at the top of the altar of distant,Coach Outlet Store, like that of the pit-like eyes, and also has a hot beat,Coach Outlet Store Online, murmured: ‘Long Su origin fruit, Oh, really-I-want-day race ah, actually met here this and other legends of strange things. »
laughter fall,coach purses outlet, black robe old man slowly Ai take steps forward, and as the pace of its fall, is so vague vast breath, suddenly soared exponentially at the moment, but when it came to the fourth step,Coach Outlet, and that shares of breath, actually has a life and break through to a five-star level of respect! ‘Junior, leave now, the wife left you a way out!’
black robe old man faint voice, but it is mine anger as nine days in general, this piece of space shook soso trembling. ‘Five stars statue …’ Hsiao go far
slightly ugly face staring at the man in black robes,Coach Outlet, slightly heavy heart, I did not expect this seemingly insignificant old man, actually just a day trip demon Phoenix family among the strongest, no wonder that Feng Qing children so emboldened enough.
‘this old guy, hiding it can be really deep, and now how to do?’ Skyfire Venerable frowned, eyes look Xiao Yan, fighting between respect for each star is a huge gap there,Xuan Su one came forward, the situation was reversed immediately. ‘How can I do this and other strange things, even the wing can not leave them.’ Xiao

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