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cents also face steep change, stature flash,Coach Outlet Store, then — is seen in the side of Xiao Yan, quickly look up and down.
‘okay?’ Medusa Xiao Yan real estate broker who move back and forth to touch,Coach Outlet Store Online, sound and slightly anxious Road, see the previous scorpion Mountains terror strike, absolutely can not be a bluff to Xiao Yan current strength, was hit , the end will certainly not be good to go.
Xiao Yan is frowned mind quickly look forward to in the body, but can not found anything wrong there.
small medical cents Qiaolian also quite dignified, looking at Xiao Yan who sweep the sweep, immediately seems to find anything, real estate broker and shoved tear Xiao Yan robes, suddenly, spread out over his chest that many black lines strange spots, that is, the three appeared in the line of sight.
‘What?’ saw this thing,Coach Factory Outlet, Medusa suddenly hesitated, quickly asked. While keeping a close eye gaze
strange spots,Coach Outlet, but it is immortal cell took gasped, biting Yinya said: ‘!, the Pharaoh eight, can also Zhenhen ah’, ‘turned out to be the’ magic spot poison
‘magic spot poison? What?’ Heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, one side of Medusa and purple research quickly asked.
‘Izumo empire practice an insidious poison vindictive moves, the ability to gather together a grudge systemic side, the enemy launched into the body, and finally form a black spot, which will continue to release soon spots poison line, and when these drugs line ** all over the body when at every position, Shao — caught the person,coach bags outlet sale, the body meridians is quickly fester, and finally suffered endless pain, slowly dying ‘sound into a small medical cents, filled with anger.
‘But once cast this trick that people display will follow lifelong grudge is dispersed into a basket case!’
hear the words of a small medical cents, Xiao Yan ↑ trio face is fierce left idle

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