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seven bright purpleStars.
seven senior product refining pharmacists!
when the two met Xiao Yan, Cao Ying and Chen Dan also saw him on the cheek also flashed some surprise, obviously for him to appear here am very surprised. ‘Teacher.’ ‘Cao Ying slowly forward,coach purses outlet, facing the sub-Gong Sheng Xuan Kong.’ Xuan Kong president. »
‘Oh, you three are also coming up & amp ;.’ ‘Xuan Kong son looked up, directed at three smiled,Coach Outlet Online, then turned to Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, said:’ This is the assessment of the five families of the championship,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan, presumably you all already know. »
‘giggle, how can we not know, Mr. Xiao Yan, but in the city of San Dan uproar recently transferred it …’ Cao Ying Yanzui smiles tenderly said, feminine style is so enchanting,Cheap Coach Purses, so that was the side of the man in the eyes of the black man Xu some imperceptible passing hot. For this and other sundial language Cao Ying, Xiao Yan did not care, just smiled politely directed at the trio.
‘Mr. Song Qing Xiao Yan … I have heard that in the assessment of the performance of five families, met today,Coach Outlet, it really is a well-deserved reputation.’ ‘That’s the name of the black man approached slowly, facing Xiao Yan outstretched hand, with smiles .
‘flattering.’ Xiao Yan smiled, though well hidden in front of the black man, but he was from the other eye Qiaochu faint hostility, which is the source of the hostility, it seems that is the side of Cao Ying .
‘It Vamp, it really is disastrous Lord.’ ‘For such a discovery, Xiao Yan can only smile soon in mind, he did not say is that somehow attracted some hostility, so that was that he really is some silent .
‘Mr. Xiao Yan, Song Qing but Danta great elders of the disciples, but also the most Danta young elders, after Danta might even become the youngest-ever eight elders Oh, the

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