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like to see things.
‘ToThey have to leave to go to that old devil! ‘
see blue shadow speed,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan is a sneer, suddenly a palm grip, the vast grudge filled and open, the black iris speed instant upgrade to the extreme, jeer heard, is the lightning spread open, and then with lightning speed to catch up that caught the shoulder of the blue figure stardom old devil, and finally, the aperture in the eyes of the latter fear that very directly spread to his chest area.
‘laugh,Coach Outlet Online!’
a small voice sounded,Coach Outlet Store Online, Notting old devil’s eyes opened wide instantaneous solidification, blood slowly since the mouth overflow down, as if dead trees withered face in general, angry blink is gone clean.
aperture devour stardom at the site of the old devil chest, and finally because of the range of spread to the end, stopped extending between last shocked, terrified at the eyes of numerous road, slowly fade away,Coach Outlet Online,
blue figure in the moment of stardom old devil life lost, and that is to stop the figure, and then looked at the indifferent gaze rapid Tuisan black iris, the last meal in the center of the iris Xiao Yan body.
‘Xiao Xuan worthy descendants of the deity surprisingly odd, why you are able to achieve in such a fight statue age level, is already obsolete xiaojia that blood, can not then?’ Xiao Yan looked blue shadow,Coach Outlet Store, faint Road.
Xiao Yan did not answer,Coach Outlet Store Online, just looking at the front of the eyes of vigilance old man, old man one blue robe … even hair and eyebrows are light blue color, the eyes, like a toggle the vast river system like the endless energy, so people feel a kind of absence, although the old blue robe looks ordinary, but Xiao Yan is to understand that this old guy’s strength, not better than the day to see a family of black dragon Pacific virtual engine is weak.
‘should not be

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